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Editor's Review

Get kids excited about learning with Smile Zemi. This at-home learning system provides extra help in Math and English/Language Arts through a curriculum that includes videos and quizzes, and uses Common Core standards. When you order Smile Zemi, you receive a dedicated tablet, called a Smile Tablet 4, but it can’t access an internet browser or video games. The Android tablet only includes the Smile Zemi content. Through that content, which is for grades 1 through 5, kids practice math skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and more. Smile Zemi keeps track of a child’s right and wrong answers to ensure they level up when appropriate. If a child gets an answer wrong, they receive positive and constructive feedback, and have the option to check the correct answer. Parents can track a child’s progress through the free parent app or within the unit. After completing each lesson, kids earn stars based on their performance. These stars can be redeemed for things such as decorating an avatar, Collection Cards, and wallpapers. The Smile Zemi comes with a tablet cover, and you can choose between two cover colors. The tablet also has a digitizer pen that can be attached to the cover so it doesn’t get lost. Kids can use this special pen to select answers and even write out words or math problems on the screen. 

A few things to note: There is an initial cost to purchase the Smile Zemi tablet, plus a monthly subscription fee for the content. Once you terminate the subscription contract, you can remove the Smile Zemi program and use the tablet as a regular Android tablet. While an internet connection is required to download the lessons, you can use Smile Zemi in Travel Mode should you want to play when not at home or not near wifi.

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This is comparable to paying for a tutor, only you don’t have to drive anywhere, and kids can study anytime and anywhere. Whether or not your child needs extra help at school, Smile Zemi is an engaging way to make learning fun for all kids. 


Variety of activities within each grade level
Content for grades 1 through 5
Kids can earn stars and fun rewards
Learn and play anywhere at anytime
Makes learning fun



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