Smashers Series 4 Mega and Mini Light-Up Dinos Review

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Editor's Review

Smash open all-new surprises with ZURU’s Smashers Series 4. Inside the Mega Light-Up Dino, there are more than 25 surprises to discover, and the Mini Light-Up Dino egg has four surprises.

Inside the Mini Light-Up Dino egg, you’ll get one of three collectible Smash-o-saurs. But first you’ll have to cut open the meteorite bag, and from there, you’ll reveal amber slime, lava slime, and your mini light-up dino. Well, part of your dino. The other pieces you have to find in the slimes, and then you can follow the instructions to assemble the dinosaur. Swinging its tail causes it to light up.

For more building and battling, smash open the Mega Light-Up Dino egg. Pressing the bone protruding from the top of the egg activates lights and sounds, giving you a taste of what to expect. Inside this egg’s meteorite bag, there’s a Scratch ‘n’ Find Map, glow-in-the-dark lava slime, a fizzy lava volcano, color-change sand, and stretchy lava foam. Discover all the mystery Smash-o-saur pieces inside these different compounds, and then build it. When you insert the dino DNA and flick the tail, your dino will light up and roar. The egg also includes glow-in-the-dark stickers, four mini smash eggs with four surprise characters, a Smash egg rebuilder, instructions, and a collectors guide.

Smashers Series 4 Mega and Mini Light-Up Dinos

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Boys are going to like the addition of lights and sounds to these Smash-o-saurs. As with the other Smashers toys, unboxing all the pieces will be a lot of fun, as will building the mystery dinos and playing out all sorts of prehistoric storylines. These make a great addition to a Smashers collection.

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