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Editor's Review

Smart Teddy is a child’s new best friend and a parent’s little helper. That’s because this interactive teddy bear interacts with kids through stories, poems, fun facts, and phrases, while also helping kids learn everyday skills and good habits. Parents can control Smart Teddy’s content through the free app, but kids don’t use screens at all to play with Smart Teddy.

First, you’ll need to sync Smart Teddy with the free My Smart Teddy iOS or Android app. Smart Teddy uses Bluetooth to connect to the app, and connecting the toy to wifi allows updates to download. (Once set up, you can switch the bear to an Energy Saving mode where wifi and Bluetooth are not active.)

From the app, parents can launch stories, including bedtime stories, as well as mark which stories are a child’s favorite. Parents can also have Smart Teddy remind kids to brush their teeth or wash their hands, encourage kids to turn off the TV and play outside, and help calm kids as they talk about a problem. And through different activities, parents can also program Smart Teddy to help their child learn letters and numbers or answer riddles. Some of the games involve parent interaction because parents will need to use the app to let Smart Teddy know if the child answered correctly or if the child needs a hint. You can also adjust the volume from the app.

Kids can be in control of the interaction, as well. When kids press the bear’s storybook paw, they’ll hear one of Smart Teddy’s pre-installed poems and stories. Pressing the star paw plays the stories marked as favorites. Press the heart button to hear cool phrases and fun facts, such as what wakes bears from hibernation. The bear also comes with four interactive stickers that you can touch with its Super Paw. These will activate a bedtime story, prompt kids to brush their teeth or exercise, or enter chat time with Smart Teddy.

Smart Teddy Interactive Toy

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Smart Teddy is really cute and pretty soft, even with the electronic unit inside him. Little kids will find the interaction with Smart Teddy to be magical, while parents will like how they can easily program the bear from the app. We like that the toy encourages parent-child interaction through the games and activities. But there are plenty of activities for kids to do with Smart Teddy on their own.

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