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Editor's Review

Smack the Snack on Jack is a game for 2-4 players age 8 and up. Inside the game box you get a fold-out Jack target, 8 throwable snacks, a snack tray, and an instruction booklet. To set up, remove the films on the back of Jack, then stick him to any unpainted wall. The polymer is quite adherent, so a fridge or window is ideal. The premise is simple enough, throw the sticky snacks upon ol’ Jack and earn points based on where you hit. Each round is timed, so throw carefully. Either use the included 20 second hourglass and some paper to keep track of scores, or use the Smack the Snack Timer and Counter App. At the time of this recording, if you have an android phone, it’s the hourglass for you. Go for high point value areas like the J on Jack’s hoodie, or his tongue, or go for larger, more reliable areas to earn steady points. At first we were afraid of how dirty the snacks would get with dust and hair, but amazingly, they wash super well with just a bit of soap and water, plus 5 – 10 minutes of drying time. Without that as a concern, throwing these sticky snacks is super satisfying. There’s even a little contact point for easier gripping and throwing. For pack up, keep track of the films you removed earlier, because you’ll need to stick them back onto Jack before you fold him up.

Smack the Snack on Jack 780 x 780

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It’s amazing how well the snacks wash off with minimal soap and water. Given this fact, we very much recommend this novel game. Doubly so if you have access to the timer app via the Apple app store.


  • The snacks are super grippy and satisfying to throw.
  • There is an optional but well made compatible app.
  • The Jack target sticks well to surfaces.
  • The snacks are very easy to clean!


  • The app is not on the play store as of the writing of this review.
  • You’re a bit limited where you can play, since the polymers on Jack may damage paint if you stick it to a painted wall.

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