Sloth in a Hurry and Build a Robot Games Review

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Editor's Review

Build stories and robots in two new games from eeBoo! 

Sloth in a Hurry is an improv game for two to four players ages 5 and up. On your turn, draw a WHO card, draw a WHAT card, and spin for a HOW. You might have to act like a bumblebee who is late and in a hurry in a crowded place. Performers are free to move around and use words or sounds, as long as they remain in character. When the performance is over, the player to the left of the performer announces the number of stars earned – either one, two, or three stars. The performer collects that number of star tokens, and then it’s the next player’s turn. Once all the stars have been given or whenever players decide to end the game, all players perform in an Encore. Each player chooses a WHO card from the cards they drew, and the player with the most stars draws a WHAT card for the group to act out together. The game comes with a spinner, 40 WHO cards, 40 WHAT cards, and 60 die-cut award stars.

Build a Robot is a puzzle game for two to four players ages 3 and up. Players take turns spinning the spinner to collect robot puzzle pieces and a tool to assemble a robot. If you spin a number, find a puzzle piece with the matching number on it. If you spin a piece you’ve already collected, you can pass your turn or exchange the piece for a new one. If you spin the tools, pick one of the tool pieces. If the spinner lands on the broken gear, you lose your turn. The first player to build a robot with all five numbered pieces and have a collected tool wins. Now describe how your robot works and what it can do! The game comes with a spinner, four tools, and four robot puzzles. 

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Even though Sloth in a Hurry has a competitive angle to it – the player with the most stars wins – it’s also a game about working together through the final Encore, getting active, and thinking creatively. It’s a fun way to encourage kids to use their imaginations and develop communication skills.

Build a Robot is an easy-to-learn game that helps preschoolers with number recognition and fine motor skills. Kids will like building different robots each time they play. And putting the robot puzzles together can be a fun activity outside of the gameplay that also invites imaginative play.


Pros (Sloth in a Hurry)
Encourages communication skills
Requires creative thinking
Gets kids active
Easy to learn

Pros (Build a Robot)
Easy to learn
Helps with number recognition & fine motor skills
Puzzles are a fun activity outside of gameplay



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