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Editor's Review

You can have year-round fun with the SkimBe, a foam disc that skips, slides, and jumps on any water surface. This means you can play in the pool or at the lake and beach during the summer and in the snow during the winter. The 10-inch SkimBe is made of high quality, closed cell polyurethane foam. It’s very lightweight and the rim along the edge makes it easy to hold, whether you’re gearing up to toss it or catch it.

You throw it like you’d throw a Frisbee, except you don’t toss it up into the air. Throw it low so that it touches the water or snow and skims across the surface.

It’s available in a variety of colors, and you can purchase one disc with an inflatable pin target that has a weighted bottom or a Skim to the Pin game that comes with two SkimBes and one pin. There’s also a Party Pack with four discs and one pin.


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We do like that you can use the SkimBe on different surfaces and in different ways. See how far you can get the SkimBe to travel, set up the pin target and see who can get their SkimBe the closest, set up other targets and try to knock them down, or even use the SkimBe as a giant hockey puck. This kind of reminds us of skipping rocks, and like that activity, there might be a learning curve to skipping the SkimBe. But once you get the hang of it, it looks really cool gliding across the water or snow.

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