Sing 2 Riff Rock Ash & Rosita the Singer Plush and Microbeats Microphone Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to rock with new Sing 2 movie toys! Ash and Rosita are back for more song fun, and kids can get in on the performing action with a microphone of their own.

The Riff Rock Ash feature plush is dressed in a shimmery concert outfit and holds a blue guitar. Turn on the toy and watch Ash’s gray hair light up in rainbow colors as music plays. There are five modes of play that you switch through by pressing the circular Mode button. In Song mode, press down on the Whammy bar to start the song (which is “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs), and press the Strum button to hear Ash sing along. Use the Neck button to bend the song lyrics. In Riff mode, you get to strum along as a song plays. In Jam mode, choose one of two songs, and then use the Strum button, Whammy bar, or Neck button to add sound effects to the song. In Game mode, follow Ash’s instructions to strum, whammy, neck, or tilt. If you press the wrong button, the game ends. And in Song, Riff, or Jam modes, you can tilt Ash’s guitar up to perform a guitar solo for Ultimate Mode. The toy has two volume levels.

Rosita the Singer will play a snippet from the song “Break Free” (originally by Ariana Grande) when you squeeze her tummy. This feature plush wears what looks like an astronaut outfit with silver headpiece, gloves, and boots. Keep squeezing Rosita for more sounds and music.

Kids can sing along with the Microbeats microphone. The purple microphone has translucent pieces at the top and bottom. The bottom piece lights up as the music is playing, and the top piece is where kids sing into. Press the button to start singing along with Meena to “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (originally by Shawn Mendes) or use an auxiliary cable (not included) to sing along to your favorite music. There are also four voice-changing options: high, medium, low, or robotic. Press and hold the button for two seconds to change it up.

Sing 2 Riff Rock Ash & Rosita the Singer Plush and Microbeats Microphone

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These toys will be fun for fans of the movie. Kids will like the different ways to play and sing with Ash, cuddling up and singing along with Rosita, and putting on their own performances with the microphone. All three will inspire a lot of imaginative play.

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