Shoppin’ Blowout Board Game Review

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Editor's Review

In this game players stand head to head, and try to grab the ITEM in the store faster than anybody else! Use the board, included items, and your cell phone and the app to play the game. Simply install the Shoppin’ Product Selector app. After the new Shoppin’ Product Selector app indicates the item to take, visually scour the board, find the item and grab it as quick as possible- before any other player! Once you see it, take it! Then drop it in your cart. Stealing is even allowed! When a player grabs a product another player can take it right from their hands!

When there’s no items remaining, the game is over. Calculate the point total from the items in your cart, and the player with the highest amount is the winner!

Shoppin' Blowout Board Game

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This is an easy game to learn. It keeps all players on their toes and you can play with the app or cards included if there is no access to a phone or computer.

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