Shadow Painting Kit Fabulous Flowers Review

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Editor's Review

Unleash your inner artist with the Shadow Painting Kit Fabulous Flowers. The idea behind this kit is that the canvases are printed with subtle shadows to help painters determine color placement and shading. All of the kit’s tools are very professional. There’s a mixing palette and three paintbrushes in varying sizes, plus a wooden easel to hold the canvases while you’re painting or for display. A color mixing wheel helps you experiment with mixing the included paint colors to make new ones.

Each canvas has a matching completed picture done by a professional artist to give you an idea of how you can paint the shadowed canvases. Use them as a guide and follow the kit’s “painting basics” to get started. There’s even some information about the history of painting and Sir Isaac Newton’s color wheel in the instructions.

Shadow Painting Kit Fabulous Flowers

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This kit will definitely get kids (or adults) thinking creatively because there really are no instructions aside from, “This is how you use a paintbrush. Start painting.” This isn’t a paint-by-number kit, and the shadows on the black-and-white canvases are supposed to guide you in your colors’ tints, tones, and shades. We just wish this had all been more clearly communicated. If you’re the kind of person who gets frustrated at those guided paint nights, then this kit might also be just as frustrating unless you let go of perfection.

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