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Editor's Review

Create your own selfies, photos, and videos with the Selfie Creator and Photo Creator kits. 

Selfie Creator is a selfie light and sticker kit. It comes with a clip-on LED light that fits most smartphones (not included) and two sticker sheets. You will need two AAA batteries, which are not included. If you love taking selfies or uploading videos, then the clip-on light will be a great tool to help make your selfies and livestreams a little brighter. The light has three brightness levels: low, medium, and high. The stickers can be used to decorate your light, phone, or computer.

The Photo Creator is an instant camera that prints black and white photos. It’s also got a back-facing lens for selfies, and you can record videos on it. The kit comes with a camera, four paper rolls, four markers, a sticker sheet, a wrist strap, and a USB cable. You’ll probably also need a micro SD card, sold separately. The camera works like a regular camera. Press the shutter button to take pictures and selfies. There are more than 20 built-in effects to add to your pictures. Then press the Print button to print on the special inkless printer paper. Use the sticker sheet to decorate your printed photos.

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The Selfie Creator and Photo Creator will be perfect for kids who like taking pictures and selfies. The clip-on light brightens up a selfie or video whether you use it at home or on the go. And the Photo Creator’s camera is easy to use, and kids will like being able to instantly print the pictures they take. 


Pros (Selfie Creator)

3 brightness levels

Easily clips onto a smartphone

Creativity with stickers

Pros (Photo Creator)

Camera is easy to use

Includes built-in effects

Instantly prints photos

Creativity with markers and stickers


Cons (Selfie Creat0r)
Batteries are not included

Cons (Photo Creator)

Can’t record and save without SD card

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