Search Party: Chaos at the Park and Who Killed Mia? Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s start light with Search Party: Chaos at the Park. Inside this box you receive a full pop-out gameboard, instructions, 15 sets of challenge cards, and most critically, a magnifying glass. The game board is packed head to toe with marvelously minuscule illustrations. Using the cards, complete missions by reading the prompts on the front and trying to find the situation they are referring to. If you’re playing with friends, you can divide up responsibilities like reader and lead detective. Some characters appear in multiple spots, so make sure you have the correct scenario before making your guess! You can also opt to do a good old search and find. With over 300 things to find, you won’t be done anytime soon!

And now for a darker turn. Who Killed Mia is a mystery game for ages 17 and up where you are trying to discover, no surprise,  who killed Mia. Mia Star is an influencer murdered during a livestream, and it’s your job to investigate, uncover evidence, exonerate suspects, and catch the killer. There are three packs of evidence that you only open when it’s time, scan the QR code to watch the livestream of the event, and then sift through the evidence to gather clues. The evidence ranges from photographs, to a magazine interview, CCTV stills, mugshots, secret websites, and more. We obviously won’t spoil anything here, since once you solve the mystery, that’s it! There isn’t anything in the box to check your answer, but if you’re meticulous, curious, and a little observant, you’ll know who dunnit.

Search Party

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Search Party and Who Killed Mia are clearly aimed at very different age groups, but each respective group will have a very fun time with their appropriate game. Search Party brings seek and find to the next level with more complex challenges, and Who Killed Mia is a deceptively fun group activity that will suck you in quickly.


  • They’re both highly detailed and meticulous games that will keep you occupied for a long time.
  • They can be played solo or with friends.
  • They’re not too easy or too difficult. Each is very satisfying to solve. 


  • They’re both games that, once played through completely, have greatly diminished returns.

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