Screwball Scramble Level 2 Brainteaser Puzzle Review

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Editor's Review

Screwball Scramble Level 2 features 10 nerve-jangling, finger-twisting obstacles for the marble to overcome. And it’s all controlled by kids! There are six controllers for kids to push, slide, and turn in order to maneuver one of the two included marbles through the maze. Start by helping the marble go up the zig-zag stairs without falling off. Once at the top, make sure to start spinning the Ferris Wheel maze or the marble will fall in the ball pit. That takes your marble through the corkscrew, which leads to the Hop, Skip, Jump area. If you get the marble to the other side of the corkscrew, you can launch it into the pinball area. The goal is to get it into the Potluck area where it will hopefully spin down to the tipping deck, ready to be catapulted into the bell to end the game.

While no timer is included, the object is to be the fastest to get the marble through the entire game without the marble falling off.

Screwball Scramble Level 2 Brainteaser Puzzle

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This game tests your coordination and skill. Some of the challenges, such as getting out of the Ferris Wheel maze and launching in the pinball area, are quite difficult, so you’ll need skill and patience to control the marble through the different challenges. Play this game competitively or challenge yourself to beat your best time.

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