Science 4 You STEAM Science Kits Review

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Editor's Review

There are lots of ways for kids to explore science at home with new science kits from PlayMonster. All of these kits include illustrated instruction booklets which provides lots of fun facts for kids to read as they experiment.

Discovering 5 Senses comes with 40 tools for completing 19 experiments that help kids understand touch, hearing, taste, smell, and vision. Kids can make a sensory bag of different textures, make a paper cup telephone, and match organs to their sensory elements.

Kids can become color scientists with the Chasing Rainbows kit. Using 23 tools, kids complete 13 experiments, from making the colors of the rainbow out of just three colors to observing colored water moving and changing the color of flowers.

My First Science Kit comes with 37 tools for doing 26 experiments that encompass senses, colors, and more. Some experiments include painting with soap bubbles, creating a crazy dough, and growing flowers.

Older kids will like making explosions with the Explosive Science Kaboom set. Using 21 tools, kids complete 14 experiments that all involve some type of scientific explosion. From explosions of color to exploding bags and the classic soda geyser, kids get to see different chemical reactions in action.

Gadgets Factory comes with 80 pieces to let kids build robots, flying machines, magnetic mazes, boomerangs, and more. This set turns kids into creative engineers through building 15 different gadgets.

Science 4 You STEAM Science Kits

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These STEM toys are a great way to introduce kids to scientific concepts and make science learning fun. We like that all of the instruction booklets do a good job explaining the science behind what kids are doing. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your child’s science learning, especially over the summer break, these science kits will be a fun way to do that.

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