Ryan’s World World Tour Air Balloon & FGTeeV Giant Mystery TeeV Season 3 Review

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Editor's Review

No matter what you like to watch on YouTube, there’s probably a toy line for that. And Bonkers Toys is introducing even more new toys for two popular influencer toy lines: Ryan’s World and FGTeeV.

If you had fun on Ryan’s USA road trip last summer, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a new destination – the whole wide world! Fly the sky and collect more Ryan’s World toys with the World Tour Air Balloon. Each of the 12 mystery micro figures is themed to a different country, and you can see all 80 figures there are to collect on the side of the box. Use the flag and character stickers to stamp the passport book on your pretend travels. Everything comes blind packaged inside a hot air balloon case that doubles as storage and a playset. Plus, you get a special code to unlock characters in the free Tag with Ryan app.

Tune in to Season 3 of the FGTeeV Giant Mystery TeeVs. Inside this very large toxic-green TV packaging, you’ll find a mini figure, a squishy figure, two micro stax figures, a magnetic sticker, a toxic noise putty in a toxic barrel, and a toxic baggo beans with remote. Let the fart sounds commence. The figures are based on animated characters from the FGTeeV YouTube channels. And when you’re done unboxing everything, you can display them inside the TV through the clear TV screen.

Ryan’s World World Tour Air Balloon & FGTeeV Giant Mystery TeeV Season 3

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Fans of these YouTube channels will definitely want to add the new figures and toys to their collections. We like the unboxing process and surprise of each, giving fans a way to make their own unboxing videos and interact with favorite characters and social stars. The Ryan balloon brings a level of education to the play as kids can discover new countries through the figures they collect and maybe even be inspired to get off YouTube and get on Google to find out more. The FGTeeV toys are just super silly, with some great tactile play and funny sound effects.

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