RV Camper Set Review

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Editor's Review

Have an eco-friendly adventure with the RV Camper Set from Green Toys. This 10-piece playset includes a boat, trailer, character figures, and more. And everything is made from 100-percent recycled plastic.

The duck and mouse figures are ready to sail, camp, and have lots of fun outdoors. There’s a chair for each one to sit in, a picnic table, and a grill. Load everything up in the blue truck and hook the green boat or the orange camper to the back. Or link all three together! Push the vehicles around on their real rolling wheels. Take the boat off its trailer bed for pretend sailing.

RV Camper Set

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This is a simple playset that inspires a lot of imaginative play. We like the chunky pieces because they help preschoolers with fine motor skills. Parents will like the eco-friendly aspect of this toy.

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