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Editor's Review

The Rubik’s Coach Cube is exactly like an official, classic 3 x 3 cube, but with one big difference. Every square is covered by a matte black sticker, with a glossy number on each. These numbers refer to steps in the process of learning how to solve a cube. The instruction guide takes you through each step, only instructing you to remove a certain number of stickers per step. The Coach Cube seeks to eliminate all extraneous information, and teach you, step by step, the process of solving it. It is a lot easier to focus on what you’re doing when you have less to visually process!

The book starts out by teaching you the anatomy of a cube, such as the various layers and faces, as well as common moves. Then you’ll get into the steps, like completing the edge pieces of the first layer, then the corners, then the middle layer, and so on. The coach cube, coupled with the booklet, does a good job at easing you into the language of a Rubik’s cube, so that by the time you’re being taught algorithms, it’s not so scary! Once you’ve solved the cube, you’re left with a good old 3 x 3 to practice on. One thing to keep in mind, if a certain step is giving you trouble, don’t skip ahead and peel off more stickers! Take your time, there’s no rush. If you’re really stuck, each step has a QR code linking to a video demonstration. The stickers do maintain their stickiness for a bit, so you can try to stick them back on, but it’s probably a better strategy to simply go slow and steady. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast!

Rubik's Coach Cube

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This is your chance to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak! We recommend picking this up. It’s a very creative way to simplify the process for beginners.


  • It has the buttery smooth feel of an official Rubik’s cube.
  • The stickers aid in making solving steps a lot easier to follow.
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  • They provide short videos to further help visual learners.


  • Once you “complete the course”, you can’t reasonably re-cover the squares.

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