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Editor's Review

The Roll Up Drum Pad will require 3 of your own AAA batteries to start, as they are not included. In lieu of that, you can plug the USB cord into a wall adapter and play that way. Once you’re past the power barrier, you’ll be ready to get into the action in short order. Just plug in the foot pedals to the back of the control module and switch the pad on. Use the included drumsticks to try out the 9 drumming points spanning snare, kick drum, floor tom, high and low mid toms, plus various cymbals. The hit detection is very responsive, and the rubber surface has a bit of spring to it, making it pleasant to tap with the drumsticks. Press the Rhythm button to play one of 7 different rhythms that you can use to practice your drumming, including Rock, Funk, Pop, Latin, Blues, Reggae and Jazz. To increase the tempo, use the tempo buttons on the central control area. You can change between 7 different drum styles as well by pressing the style button. Press record to have the pad memorize your next instrumental, and then press play to play it back. Unfortunately there’s no way to play the recording and drum simultaneously, so anyone hoping to use this as a looping pedal, sorry to break it to you.

To round out all the features, we have a volume control, an audio in jack to play your own music through the pad, and a convenient headphone jack  to practice and minimize noise for others. Finally, transport is made easy with the included looped fastener, and a built-in handle.

First Act Drum Pad

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Should I get it?

This is a fun and feature-packed drum set that’s perfect for adolescents. It’s a bit advanced for young children, and teens may be ready for the next step up, but this set serves a very good age niche.


  • Set up is quite simple.
  • The play features are comprehensive. You can record solos, practice to different types of music, change the drum style and more.
  • You can play your own music with the audio-in feature, and use headphones.
  • The whole set is portable.


  • Batteries aren’t included.
  • There’s no way to play back your recording and actively play at the same time.

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