Robo Alive Dino Fossil Find Review

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Editor's Review

Join the adventure with Robo Alive Dino Fossil Find! Dig through rock, sand, and slime using the excavation tool to find 1 of 4 dinosaur fossils. You can either discover T-Rex, terrifying Triceratops, awesome Ankylosaurus or the striking Stegosaurus. Best part is that the label doesn’t ruin which of the four you’ll get.

You get building fun with this set too! Assemble the fossil pieces to bring your dinosaur skeleton to life! With light up eyes and realistic dinosaur roars, these Dino fossils are like nothing you’ve seen before.

Robo Alive Dino Fossil Find

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Once assembled, this dinosaur skeleton comes to life! It’s easy to assemble. There are 4 in total to collect and there are 3 substances to go through, making it fun!

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