Risk, Clue, and Clue Liars Edition Review

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The classic board games of RISK and CLUE are back with some new surprises. These versions offer a way to use Alexa in gameplay. There’s also CLUE Liars Edition. This version of RISK includes 5 different ways to play. There’s Classic Risk, Dragon Risk, Secret Mission Risk, Risk for 2 Players, and Capital Risk. Players can take over the world in this game of strategy that features betrayal, alliances, surprise attacks, and a fierce, 2-headed dragon. It comes with 5 dice, cards, 5 sets of playing pieces, large stunning game board, game guide, and a two headed dragon figure. Add a NEW twist by playing with Alexa and each choice a player makes can impact what happens. Designed for ages 10 and up, everyone will love this added twist. Ready for CLUE? In this edition players solve the mystery with the help of the ghost of Mrs. White by using Alexa. This Amazon exclusive version includes a ghost Mrs. White piece and a NEW character, Dr. Orchid. This version is designed for ages 8 and up. The CLUE Liars Edition version has players sharpening their skills of deception with investigation cards. This set comes with CLUE Liars Edition board game, 6 Lie cards and 6 Truth as well as dice, and the usual pawns, some unusually disguised weapons, and clue pad. Each game is sold separately and an Alexa device is NOT included.

Risk, Clue, and Clue Liars Edition

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Family and friends will love competing with these classic games. The Alexa twist adds a new element to game play.

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