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Editor's Review

To start, shuffle the password cards and then draw 9, arranging them in a 3 by 3 grid. They’re double-sided, so you will have a wealth of different options and configurations! The person who most recently drew or painted can start. The player must first draw the top drawing card from the pile, which will have some kind of pre-printed, abstract red line art. They then silently chose a password from any of the cards in the grid, not indicating which word it is or which card it belongs to in any way. They then start drawing a representation of their password, incorporating the red lines into their image, and not obscuring them in any way. This must be done in full view of all other players. At any point, another player can guess what their password is by placing their hand on the card and saying the word aloud. If they’re correct, they take that password card, and it is replaced with another. If they’re wrong, they cannot guess anymore and drawing continues until the next guess. Once a password is guessed, the next person clockwise becomes the drawer, but, they must not erase the previous drawing. Now they must pick a new password and draw it, incorporating the red lines and the previous player’s drawing! This can make things much easier or much harder for subsequent drawers, depending on the available passwords. Drawing cards must be used 3 times before being erased and replaced with a new drawing card. It’s sort of like competitive ‘exquisite corpse’. Whoever is the first to collect 5 password cards wins the game!


As mentioned, the fact that previous drawings must be utilized in the next player’s drawing can both help and hinder drawing attempts. If the previous player has laid a nice groundwork, even players less skilled at drafting can piggyback and make a good attempt. However, rougher sketches can have the opposite effect. Thankfully, there is such a wealth of passwords, it’s rare that there won’t be anything advantageous to pick. The dry erase marker makes full, bold lines that are very easy to see. The eraser gets 95% off of the drawing card, so it might be handy to have a damp paper towel on deck to assist in removing the remaining 5%.


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ReDraw is a fun, chaotic, and challenging game to play with players and artists of all skill-levels. The high number of cards, passwords and combinations make each game a little different than the last, offering high replay value.


  • In terms of a drawing game.
  • It evens out the playing field somewhat due to the sequential play mechanics.
  • There are plenty of double-sided password cards, so no two games will ever be the same.
  • The dry erase marker and play cards are well made and pair well together. Nothing worse than a weak dry erase marker!


  • The marker works a little too well?! It’s slightly resistant to the included eraser tip, but nothing a slightly damp cloth can’t fix.
  • The entropic nature of the game may be a put off for some.

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