Real Littles Journals Bestie Secrets and Fashion Secrets Review

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Editor's Review

Write down your big secrets inside tiny diaries with Real Littles Journals. Each mini journal comes with 20 blank pages, three themed pages, and a bookmark that doubles as a key for the secret compartment. What’s inside? Four surprise collectibles that are as cute as they are functional. Each journal locks to keep your secrets safe. There are six themes to collect, such as Bestie Secrets and Fashion Secrets. Each one has a carabiner clip to make it easy to bring the journal and accessories with you on the go.

Real Littles Journals Bestie Secrets and Fashion Secrets

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Kids will love collecting all the different journal themes in order to collect all the surprise accessories that each one comes with. We like the unique look of each journal, and that all the small journals and accessories are usable! Kids can use these journals to write down whatever they want – notes to friends, favorite cookie recipes, dreams, stories, and more.

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