Real Littles Backpacks and Handbags Review

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Editor's Review

What’s better than having the real thing? Having the “real little” thing.

The Real Littles Handbags are high end-inspired mini bags with six surprises inside. And yes, the surprises are small, as well. Some of the surprises you’ll find are an eraser, bag charm, coin purse, pen, journal, and compact. (What’s shown on the back of the boxes are just some of the possible surprises, not specifically what comes in each bag.) Maybe you’ll also find real makeup or the limited-edition ring watch. You won’t know until you open up the bag. There are more than 30 surprises to collect across the whole series.

Real Littles Backpacks are the same thing only with different backpack styles to collect. Each backpack also has six tiny surprises inside, such as a notebook, puffy stickers, decorative tape, a pen, colored pencils, and sticky notes. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the limited-edition calculator. There are 55 mini stationery surprises to collect across this series.

Real Littles Backpacks and Handbags

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These bags and backpacks are so cute and will be fun to collect for kids who are into fashion and accessories. Kids will like the surprise of unboxing what’s inside and then being able to actually use all of the small stuff they find. The bags and packs have cool details from glitter and fur to flip sequins and fun shapes. These may be little, but they pack a big punch.

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