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Editor's Review

Osmo interactive games bridge the physical and digital worlds, and until now, the games have primarily been STEM-based. Now Osmo adds literacy to its lineup with Reading Adventure, a personalized learn-to-read program that helps kids build skills and confidence beyond the classroom. Added to the physical and digital play are speech recognition and artificial intelligence to give personalized feedback and increase reading proficiency.

There are three reading levels of starter kits: New Reader, Early Reader, and Emergent Reader. If you’re not sure what level your child is at, download the free app and fill out a 15-minute questionnaire. For a quicker option, you can answer a few questions on the Osmo website.

No matter what level you choose, each starter kit comes with four spiral-bound hardcover books and a crystal wand. If you don’t already have an Osmo base and reflector, then you can add those to your starter kit for an additional cost. (You’ll need those pieces because they allow the app to scan the physical game pieces and bring your child’s creations to life on the device screen.) Once you set up your subscription (monthly, six-month, or 12-month), your child will receive four new books each month that all interact with the Reading Adventure app and continue to level up his reading skills.

Reading Adventure is so much more than just reading, however. The app listens as kids read aloud and gives pointers and feedback along the way. Plus, there are reading games, for which kids get to use the crystal wand, and these games help develop skills in phonics, reading, fluency, reading comprehension, and sight words. Kids are guided along on this adventure by Oliver the dog and Nebula the star. These friends provide constructive feedback in a non-judgmental manner. Parents will receive emailed progress reports to keep track of how their child is doing.

Reading Adventure is only available for iPad right now.

Reading Adventure

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As with all Osmo products, the new Reading Adventure does a great job merging learning and play. Kids will like that the app combines reading and gameplay, and the instant and personalized feedback creates a unique learning experience for the child. It will also be fun for kids to receive a package of new books every month. If you’re looking for a way to make reading fun, especially for reluctant readers, then Reading Adventure is what you need.


  • Instant personalized feedback
  • Combines of reading and gameplay
  • New books in the mail each month
  • Makes reading fun


  • No Kindle Fire version yet – iPad only

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