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Editor's Review

Fans of language games and educational fun will love RAON. RAON is a great new matching game that promotes the learning of the Korean language. Korean language proficiency is not required to play. With 4 different Game Modes, fans of the group BTS match consonants and vowels to create and learn HANGUEL and write BTS in the Korean language. Designed for ages 5 and up, RAON is for 2-4 Players and rounds take about 10 Minutes to play. RAON comes with 100 Korean consonant and vowel tiles, 1 tile pouch with BTS logo, 1 sand timer, 45 word cards, 24 point tokens, 1 blanking board, 1 letter board, and rule books in Korean & English.

Raon with BTS Game

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RAON is for 2-4 Players and this 10 Minute KPOP themed Word Game is fun and educational. Kids learn how to read and write in Korean by magic tiles with word cards to create a syllable, then they use a consonant to create the initial sound, the vowel creates the middle sound.

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