Rainbow High Color Change Car and Special Edition Laurel and Holly De’Vious Dolls Review

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Editor's Review

It’s double the drama in the Rainbow High Special Edition Twin Fashion Dolls Laurel and Holly De’Vious. Inside the box are two 11-inch fashion dolls dressed to reveal their fiery and icy personalities.

Laurel wears a white two-piece ensemble with the words “Sparkle Magic” and “Rainbow Magic” printed all over it in rose gold and gold foiling. To contrast, her twin sister Holly wears a black two-piece ensemble with the same words printed in a green, blue, and purple foiling. Each doll’s shoes match the colors of her dress. The dolls show school spirit by wearing earrings and necklaces with the letters R and H on them. Keep the dolls’ colorful hair styled with the combs, and accessorize the dolls even more with their metallic purses. For more fashion fun, each doll has two trunks containing an extra pair of shoes and earrings.

Along with their fashions, these dolls have some other great features. They’re very posable, for starters, and then when you turn them around and take a look at their colorful hair, the full spectrum of the rainbow is represented when the dolls are side by side. Doll stands are also included.

Drive the dolls around in the Rainbow High Color Changing Car. The convertible car features a white body, but you can change its color thanks to the LED lights. Press the gold button on the hood of the car to switch through the colors until you find the one you want. Keep the car white or switch to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or a multi-color flashing light. The car seats two Rainbow High dolls and has seatbelts for the dolls, as well as a moving steering wheel and rolling wheels.

Rainbow High Color Change Car and Special Edition Laurel and Holly De’Vious Dolls

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This will be a fun collector’s item for Rainbow High fans, but there’s also plenty of play with the fashion dolls. We like the extra accessories and poseability of each doll. Kids will like playing out what they see on the Rainbow High YouTube series and imagining all-new stories for these twins.

The car’s color-changing feature is really cool and definitely fits in perfectly with the rainbow theme. Kids will like picking a different color each time they drive the car and being able to transport their Rainbow High dolls from scene to scene in their imaginative storytelling.

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