RacerVerse Spider-Man’s Web-Slinging Speedway Track Set with 2 Hot Wheels Racers Review

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Editor's Review

Included with this set are two Hot Wheels RacerVerse cars: one of Spider-Man and one of Black Panther. The cars themselves are well painted and detailed, up to the level of quality we’ve seen from the rest of the RacerVerse line. Some minor assembly for the track will be necessary out of the box, but it’s quite easy. The finished track will be a double loop, partially decorated like Doc Ock’s mechanical arms, along with two manual launchers. No batteries required here, just slam on the launchers to make the RacerVerse cars go! It can take a few tries to get a sense for how much force to use, but once you do, you’ll be launching like a pro. Thanks to the shape of the track, the cars will automatically position themselves to be launched again. Each time the cars pass the gate, Doc’s arm will lower bit by bit, attempting to thwart one of the racers. Keep racing until one of the robotic claws descends onto one of the tracks and destroys it. Whoever avoids that grisly fate wins the race! Resetting the arms to race again is simple as can be. Thankfully, so is converting into storage mode. Detach the track pieces and place them in and under the rest of the track to minimize the space occupied. It’s just as wide, but anything helps! One thing to note, this playset is not meant to attach to other hot wheels tracks, it’s self contained.

Hot Wheels Racerverse doc ock

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Should I get it?

Yes! If you have the patience to get used to launching the cars via the manual launcher, this track is a good time! It’s especially fun to play with a buddy.


  • It’s a racetrack that can be played with solo or with a friend.
  • It’s entirely manual without any need for batteries.
  • It comes with two RacerVerse cars.
  • The Doc Ock mechanic adds some fun to the races. 


  • The storage saving mode, while appreciated, only helps slightly.

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