QB54 The Ultimate Football Yard Game Review

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Editor's Review

This set comes with 2 chairs that have baskets and goalposts, footballs, and a foam kicking tee.

Object is to get 54 points.

Set the chairs 40 feet apart, but adjust for age and skill level. Players alternate throwing. If you hit the chair or goalposts, you get 3 points. If you get it in the basket, you get a TD and 6 points, plus the chance to kick extra points. If the other player catches the rebound off a goal post or chair, that counts as an interception and 3 points. While it isn’t easy, I found the level of difficulty to be fair, and you can adjust difficulty.

QB54 The Ultimate Football Yard Game

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Should I get it?

When looking at this product, I originally wasn’t a fan, but then we started playing, and we became addicted and couldn’t stop. It’s really fun and you can adjust difficulty so you can play at different levels.

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