Purse Pets Savannah Spotlight Belt Bag Review

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Editor's Review

The Purse Pets Savannah Spotlight Belt Bag is the fiercest fashion accessory. Wear it like a fanny pack, an over-the-shoulder purse, or a cross-body bag, thanks to the adjustable strap. But no matter how you wear it, you’ll be able to access three modes of play with more than 30 sounds and light effects. 

When you first turn it on, the bag roars and lights up. This is On-the-Glow mode. You can change the speed of the rainbow light effect by pressing between the eyes. Savannah will also respond with sounds. Or if you want a solid color, hold between the eyes to slow the rainbow effect and release to select a color.

The second mode is Rainbow Rave. Touch between the eyes to change between five songs as colored lights flash. Hold between the eyes to add sound effects to the music. 

And in Disco Destiny mode, hold between the eyes to start the style mood predictor. Then release to reveal your style mood. If the lights are pink and white, you’re feeling romantic. If the lights are orange and yellow, you’re playful. White means dreamy, purple and pink mean glam, and purple and green mean sporty. 

The bag enters a Sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity. Just press the logo button to wake it up and start playing again.

The bag requires and includes three AAA batteries.

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While this Purse Pet doesn’t have the opening and closing eyes of the original ones, its three modes of play, colorful lights, and fun sound effects definitely offer a lot of play for kids. They can wear it as a purse when they go out, and they can interact with it during playtime.


Wear it in 3 ways

3 modes of play

30+ lights and sounds

Imaginative play



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