Purse Pets Micros Review

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Editor's Review

The fun of Purse Pets goes mini with new Purse Pets Micros. Each tiny purse features unique fabrics and textures, such as faux leather on Roarin’ Rainbow Tiger, denim on Denim Deerie, soft Sherpa plush of Fuzzy Bunny BB, and shiny and glittery accents on Baddie Bat. The more mini Purse Pets you collect, the greater your chance of finding a rare scrunchie inside. Even if you don’t find the scrunchie, you’ll still find a surprise when you unzip your purse. The zipping action makes the pet’s eyes roll. Plus, there’s space inside each purse to bring along little treasures. And a clip on the back means you can attach the Purse Pet to a backpack or belt loop to bring it with you wherever you go. You could also just carry it by its handle. A collector’s guide helps you keep track of which Purse Pets Micros you have.

Purse Pets Micros

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These are really cute! While finding the rare scrunchie will be fun, kids will also like collecting Purse Pets Micros so they have their favorite animal styles and can mix up their “purse”-onality every day. We do like that these have eye movement, kind of like the originals.

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