Pudgy Penguins Figures and Plush Buddies Review

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Editor's Review

If you didn’t get to purchase one of the Pudgy Penguins on the Ethereum blockchain before they sold out, don’t worry. You can now bring the cute hand-drawn characters into the real world through a Pudgy Penguins toy line that includes Plush Buddies and Figures.

Each Plush Buddy, such as Lil Muff Plush, is soft and cuddly. Each one comes with a Forever Friend Adoption Certificate. The Pudgy Penguins figures come with two removable accessories, such as a hat and sunglasses on the Cowboy. This figure also comes with a Forever Friend Adoption Certificate. If you scan the QR codes on the certificates, you’ll redeem a Forever Pudgy Penguin and Special Trait Box on PudgyWorld.com.

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These will be fun for kids and adults to collect. The plush are fun cuddle buddies, and the figures’ removable accessories provide more play and customization. There are a variety of figures and plush to collect, allowing fans to collect their favorites or try to collect them all.


Plush are soft and cuddly
Figures have removable accessories
Bring an NFT to life
Different characters to collect



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