Puddle Splashers Helicopter Sprinkler Review

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Editor's Review

The Helicopter Sprinkler brings lots of outdoor fun to your backyard this summer. This water sprinkler is easy to set up. Simply connect your water hose to the sprinkler via the nozzle on the back of the helicopter. The rubber “o” ring inside is supposed to prevent leakage, but ours leaked a lot. Then, turn on the water and watch the helicopter’s propellers spin 360 degrees, creating an action spray of water in all directions. The colored parts of the propellers can be slightly adjusted to angle the spray of water either straight up or at a 45-degree angle.

Puddle Splashers Helicopter Sprinkler

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Kids will have a blast running through this water sprinkler. Parents will like how easy it is to set up, getting kids to the fun part a lot faster. This is a cute and fun way to keep kids cool on a hot summer day and be active outside.

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