Professor Maxwell’s VR Atlas Virtual Reality World Travel & Activity Set Review

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Editor's Review

This activity kit contains an educational Atlas with VR and AR interactivity via a combination of the included goggles, and your smartphone with a free downloadable app. Also included are a ton of physical materials for projects and activities. The aforementioned VR Atlas offers instructions on how to build or perform each activity. Not only that, but the Atlas relates each activity to a specific lesson on a region of the world. You can make a mini volcanic eruption, build the Eiffel Tower, craft origami, excavate for fossils, and much more. No one activity is super involved, but their inclusion is a really nice bonus that helps the otherwise virtual experience feel more grounded and tactile.

You’ll need to download the app onto your smartphone first before getting started with the VR headset. You can select AR, VR, or Hybrid Mode, then slide your phone into the goggle’s designated slot. To play a lecture, point your viewpoint cursor at one of the AR buttons inside the Atlas and keep it there for a few moments. We tried out the hybrid mode, and it works great! We obviously can’t show the experience on camera but suffice it to say, the VR experience is surprisingly well implemented with only goggles and your phone. The images will cycle in time with the lectures, offering an immersive and immediate traveling experience. It really is remarkable. The Atlas is chock full of AR points and lectures tied back to the app, so you aren’t likely to run out of material anytime soon.

Professor Maxwell’s VR Atlas Virtual Reality World Travel & Activity Set

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This set is super cool! The VR function works better than expected, really immersing you into the locations shown off in the different lectures. There’s also so much material, that this will last you many, many hours of fun.

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