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Editor's Review

There’s a lot for preschoolers to learn in the Think Tank Scholar Preschool Flash Cards Learning Bundle. This bundle of five packs of flash cards ranges from letters and numbers to colors, shapes, first words, opposites, and rhyming words.

There are three sets of flashcards for ages 2 and up. Alphabet cards help kids recognize upper and lower case letters. This is also a way to introduce phonetic sounds. On one side of a card, you’ll see the letters, and on the other side, you’ll see a picture of something that starts with that letter. The set also includes six teaching methods for parents, as well as instructions for six games to play with the cards.

Numbers & Counting introduces kids to the numbers 0-20 and counting by tens from 30-100. One side of a card shows the numeral and the word, while the other side shows a picture of that number of objects, such as one hot air balloon or four penguins. After 20, the cards count by tens to 100, showing number cubes that equal the number on the card. There are also some bonus cards that introduce skip counting and early addition and subtraction. Six teaching methods are included for parents, along with instructions for six games you can play with the cards.

The last set for ages 2 and up is Colors & Shapes. Each card shows a color with the word, as well as a real-world object that matches the color. For shapes, the cards show the shape and the word, with a real-world object in that shape on the back. Parents can follow along with the teaching methods or six game options.

For ages 3 and up, there’s First Words & Opposites. This introduces preschoolers to 42 words by showing the word on one side of the card and a picture of that item on the other. Some of the cards also show opposite words on one side, such as big and small, with a picture of opposites on the other, such as a mama elephant and a baby one. There are six teaching methods for parents and six game options.

And Rhyming is for ages 4 and up. On one side of the card you’ll see a word with a corresponding picture, such as ball. The back side lists words that rhyme. Parents can use the six teaching methods or the six game options.

Preschool Flash Cards Learning Bundle

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Parents will like that these cards make it easy and fun to introduce kids to early learning concepts. The teaching methods empower parents, whether using the cards for homeschooling or just a fun activity, and we like that each set of cards includes game options to make learning with the flashcards more fun. And with flashcards that span age ranges, this is something that parents can use for many years.

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