Power Rangers Lightning Collection Dino Fury Red Ranger Collectible Figure Review

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Editor's Review

The Lightning Collection box has a very nice windowed package, which shows off the highlights of the figure, and only obscures a couple of accessories. The graphic, cel-shaded art on the side of the box is clean!

The Red Ranger comes with several accessories, including an alternate unmasked head, two interchangeable hands, the Chromafury Saber, and a lightning effect part. In general, the sculpt work on this figure is awesome! You can even make out tiny details on the wrist-mounted Morpher and the hilt of the Saber. Paintwork is also excellent, but some details are absent, such as the red core of the Saber. The Morpher, likewise, is all in the black of the molded plastic. These are understandable compromises however, and the rest of the figure is sharp, without any paint issues.

The figure is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abs, thighs, knees, and ankles. We take particular note of the butterfly joints, thigh and calf swivel, and the blessed ankle pivot. One very unexpected note is that there is no waist swivel at all. You can still rotate at the abs, so it’s not a huge deal, but it is worth pointing out. All in all, if you can dream a pose, you can replicate it. Grasp the Chromafury Saber and rev it up with lighting to make any pose a striking one! Or, sheath it, and look dignified and threatening all the same.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Dino Fury Red Ranger Collectible Figure

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This figure is fun to pose, fun to look at, and fun to use for play. You can’t go wrong!

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