Potty Train with Pinky Bear Plush Toy and Book Review

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Editor's Review

The Potty Train with Pinky Bear is a three-piece set including a book by Toni Roberts, a soft small bear plush toy, and a letter.

It’s suggested that you start the training process by reading the book with your little one first. Through that, you’ll discover a fun activity for your little one to engage in – writing a letter (or their version of one). After that, you’re able to introduce Pinky Bear’s arrival in a surprising way. This all adds to the excitement of the journey.

The beautifully illustrated board book is about a happy, resourceful little bear. I really enjoy the way the book is written. It’s as if Pinky Bear is speaking directly to my child. They even provide a catchy sing-along song to help excite your little one.

Another fun interactive aspect to Pinky Bear is its tummy pouch where parents can entice their little ones by hiding prizes or rewards to find after a successful potty visit.

Potty Train with Pinky Bear Plush Toy and Book

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Potty training is never an easy process but tools like this make it more fun! I love its positive approach to learning something so essential yet difficult at times.

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