Post Malone’s World Pong League Game Review

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Editor's Review

Post Malone’s World Pong League is a game for adults, 18+, sorry youngins. 18-20 year olds will still have to play with soda though.

The set comes with 22 regulation cups, split between red and blue, 6 ping pong balls, an electric shot clock, and an official World Pong League rulebook. The cups and ping pong balls have the World Pong League logo printed on them, but are otherwise the ubiquitous and standard versions of both. What really impressed us is the rulebook. It’s super comprehensive, including full set-up instructions, basic rules, special rules, and multiple game modes. The special rules section is great, even if you think you know all the pong quirks, there may be some here that surprise you. For example, re-racking can only be done once per team, per game.

The electric shot clock counts in increments of 20 seconds, and has plenty of cheeky voice lines from Posty himself. Rounds are measured in intervals of 20 seconds, so you’ll be hearing his dulcet tones frequently. The shot clock requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included.

Post Malone's World Pong League Game

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Should I get it?

For fans of Post Malone, his music, or his interview show, this is a fun and novel gift.


  • You get 6 balls and 22 cups, which are all emblazoned with the WPL logo.
  • The electric shot clock is super useful and entertaining.
  • The rulebook is surprisingly comprehensive, with main rules, extra rules, and 4 additional game modes.


  • The cups and balls are mundane, aside from the logo (of course, if they were more robust, then they’d cease to be proper weight.) Extras may have been nice to include, regardless.
  • Batteries for the best feature are not included.

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