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Editor's Review

What makes you unique makes you positively perfect! And celebrating who you are is what the Positively Perfect doll line is all about. There are two types of dolls in this lineup: 14-inch toddler dolls and 18-inch dolls. This is a line of multicultural dolls, including African-American, Afro-Latina, Latino/Hispanic, Caucasian, and Mixed Race/Biracial characters. Because of this, the dolls have different hair textures and styles, their facial sculpts have authentic features, and the doll bodies feature fuller hips and thighs.

The five toddler dolls include Ava, Kiara, Bailey, Stella, and Aaliyah. Each soft-bodied doll comes with a hairbrush and wears a cute outfit of ruffled long-sleeve shirt and patterned pants. The outfits do not come off.

The four 18-inch dolls include Zair, Diana, Kennedy, and Abrielle. You can read more about each character on the back of the box. Each doll wears a unique outfit that matches the character’s personality. These outfits can be removed for mix-and-match fashion play among all the dolls.

Each doll is sold separately.

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We like the diversity of the Positively Perfect doll line. This makes it easier for girls to find a doll that looks just like them. These will certainly inspire a lot of imaginative play. However, we wish that the clothing could be removed from the toddler dolls for dress-up play with those dolls, and none of the dolls are poseable. 


14-inch and 18-inch dolls
Unique style and personality for each doll
Diverse dolls
Inspire imaginative play


Clothing can’t be removed from the toddler dolls
None of the dolls are poseable

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