Pop Taters Kiss, GPK, Bob Ross and Transformers Review

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Editor's Review

Headlining the new toy line are the full size Pop Taters, which bring the classic Potato Head feature to life once again, and offer pop culture twists to boot. We have Bob Ross, Adam Bomb from Garbage Pail Kids, the Demon from KISS, and Optimus Prime from Transformers. Each portrait is not only humorous, but instantly recognizable. The paint and sculpt on each is extremely clean and well done, and you can even feel a light sandy texture on the potato surface. Now for the fun part; you can remove all of the features and clothing to be left with just a tater. And yes, before you ask, it does have storage (just for the small pieces though!) While all the pieces plug in securely, the arms can occasionally be loose while posing, not a super big deal.

The keychain Pop Taters are just as cool as the full size ones, and while they don’t have removable features, they have ALL the intricacy of detail as the originals. They even have the potato texture! Use the very sturdy metal clip and place it on your favorite bag.

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Should I get it?

Pop Taters are the perfect balance of fun toy and cool collectible. It serves both functions extremely well, without compromising on either!


  • The paint is bright and clean.
  • The sculpts are super detailed and crisp even on the keycahins.
  • The features can be taken off and rearranged on the full size toys.
  • There is storage for the smaller parts on the base potato. 


  • The arms can be a tiny bit loose while posing.

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