Pop It! Stranger Things and Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales Review

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Editor's Review

No matter where your pop culture fandom lies, everyone can agree that the Pop It! is a super fun and addicting toy. Now “the never-ending bubble popping game” features some favorite characters and objects from movies and TV shows, such as the Stranger Things Pop It! and the Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales Pop It!

The Stranger Things Pop It! comes in the traditional circular shape, but there’s a bite taken out of it. That’s because this yellow Pop It! is actually supposed to be a waffle, the character Eleven’s favorite food. The number 11 is in the center of the Pop It! Buffalo Games also makes a Demogorgon version of the Pop It!, which is sold separately.

The Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales Pop It! comes in the shape of Spider-Man’s mask, with a red-and-black design and a little bit of a metallic finish. Because of the shape of this Pop It!, the bubbles on this version are a bit smaller than on the original games. An Iron Man version is also available and sold separately.

While you can have sensory fun just popping the bubbles, there is a game to play, suitable for two players ages 6 and up. Players take turns choosing one section or row on the Pop It! and popping as many bubbles as they want. The next player chooses any section or row with unpopped bubbles and pops as many as they want. Keep taking turns until one player is forced to pop the last bubble. That player loses that round. Flip over the Pop It! and play again until one player has won three rounds.

Pop It! Stranger Things and Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales

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Pop It!s have such a satisfying appeal to them. It’s like popping bubble wrap but over and over and over again. We like the sensory play with each of these, which is great for keeping young kids busy, but we also like that these can be turned into a game. And the designs of these Stranger Things and Marvel versions will definitely appeal to fans young and old.

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