Polly Pocket Gumball Bear Playset Review

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Editor's Review

Kids will have a beary good time playing with the Polly Pocket Gumball Bear Playset. It features four play spaces and 32 play pieces. But it’s all a surprise as to what’s inside! The sides of the playset open up to reveal a gingerbread house, an ice cream slide, a spinning lollipop, and a candy shop. Turn the dial on the front of the gumball machine to open up the front panel and release the gumballs inside. Each gumball opens up to reveal surprise accessories and a Polly and Shani doll. Some of the pieces have a Pop & Swap peg feature so kids can easily stick the pieces to different parts of the playset. The dolls can take a ride on the spinning cookie, ride the lollipop merry-go-round, and more. And if you want to do the gumball reveal again, simply lift up on the bear’s hat, which reveals yet another play area, and drop the gumballs back into the machine.

We did think the gumballs were a little hard to open, so younger kids may need adult assistance.

Polly Pocket Gumball Bear Playset

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This candy-themed playset is so cool! We like the gumball machine reveal and that kids can replay that fun feature over and over again. Kids will really like exploring all of the different play areas, decorating the playset with the Pop & Swap accessories, and imagining sweet adventures for Polly and Shani.


  • Do gumball machine reveal over and over again
  • Four play areas
  • Two dolls
  • Lots of accessories for play and decoration
  • Inspires imaginative play


  • Difficulty opening the gumballs

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