Polly Pocket Candy Cutie Gumball, Dolphin Beach, Backyard Butterfly, and Elephant Adventure Compacts Review

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Editor's Review

First we’ve got here is the adorable Polly Pocket Candy Cutie Gumball compact which features a gumball design and has a clear exterior top filled shakable confetti and opens to a candy-themed adventure featuring micro Polly and friend dolls. In this set you can open the gingerbread house door and explore; spin the teacup ride; open the fridge for yummy food; open the oven and bake sweet treats; and move the candy seesaw up and down!

If you’re a dolphin fan the Dolphin Beach is a great fit! The adorable Polly Pocket Dolphin Beach compact features 2 dolphins on the exterior (one is made of slow-rise squishy foam) and opens to beach-themed adventure featuring micro Polly and mermaid dolls. Here you can open the door to the beach house and hang out; explore the lighthouse; open the treasure chest to find out what’s inside; spin the water vortex; move the wave; and open a clamshell to see what’s inside!

If dolphins aren’t your thing, butterflies might catch your eye. This is the Backyard Butterfly. This one features a butterfly design with shakable glitter in the butterfly center and opens to an outdoor-themed adventure featuring micro Polly doll and mom doll. There are fun activities here too! Open the treehouse door; ride the butterfly zipline back and forth; swing on the swing; flip food on the grill; and jump from the diving board into the pool!

The last of the bunch is Elephant Adventure! This one features an elephant design with a slow-rise squishy heart on the exterior and opens to animal-themed fun featuring micro Polly and Bella dolls. Kids can open the door and check out the vet area; swing on the tire swing; rotate the floor and the animals “walk”; flip the trough from water to food; and spin the aquarium tank!

Polly Pocket Candy Cutie Gumball, Dolphin Beach, Backyard Butterfly, and Elephant Adventure Compacts

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Each compact also comes with a strap so kids can wear it as a wristlet. They all come with accessories that can be played with all together and there are fun reveals.

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