Polly Pocket Camp Adventure Llama, Something Sweet Cupcake, and Rainbow Unicorn Salon Review

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Editor's Review

It’s time to open up more big fun with a tiny friend thanks to three new Polly Pocket compact playsets.

The Rainbow Unicorn Salon is a two-in-one playset with a unicorn styling head on the outside and a playset on the inside. It comes with 28 surprises, including two dolls of Polly Pocket and her friend. Some of the accessories are Pop and Swap, meaning they easily pop onto one of the playset’s pegs and stay there securely during play. There are lots of fun features inside the playset, such as a sliding fashion runway and a spinning disc in the castle tower. Get pampered in the bathroom with vanity, and take the rainbow slide down to the bottom level. There are stables for the two unicorn figures, a spinning star, and a mirror hiding under the sun. Accessories include a bubbly bathtub, a dress form, a throne chair, a see-saw, and a hairdryer. Other accessories, such as a comb, two hair extensions, and two barrettes are for use on the styling head’s colorful hair. You can even bring the Polly play to this side thanks to pegs on the barrettes that hold the dolls. Store everything inside the playset, close it and lock it, and use the rainbow carry handle to take the play on the go.

Bake up some fun inside the Something Sweet Cupcake Compact. It’s shaped like a cupcake and even has a bakery on the top level inside. Take the stairs down to the cupcake door and open to reveal a beautiful balcony scene. On the bottom of the playset, you’ll find a dining table, a swing, and a spinning dance floor. This includes Polly Pocket and Jake Tam dolls, plus chairs, a sofa, a serving tray, and other Pop and Swap accessories. Store everything inside, close it up, and carry it by the lanyard when playtime is over.

Go on an animal adventure in the Camp Adventure Llama Compact. Shaped like a llama head, this compact opens up to reveal a llama farm, two dolls (who we think are Lila and Shani), and other fun surprises. At the top, open up the tent to have a llama campout. Another fold-down panel reveals a llama concert. There’s space for the sleeping bag, juice stand, and picnic table on the grassy bottom right next to the spinning stage. Additional Pop and Swap accessories include a cooler, a drum set, a microphone, and a campfire. And, of course, there is a llama figure. Store everything inside, close it up, and carry it by the lanyard when playtime is over.

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All of these playsets are really cute and come with a lot of fun accessories and play features to inspire imaginative play. It’s also nice that everything stores inside each compact for easy cleanup and portability. Polly Pocket fans will want to collect all three. 


3 new playsets to collect

Each set comes with 2 dolls

Pop and Swap accessories stay in place 

Everything stores inside the compact

Imaginative play



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