Pokemon Trainer Guess Electronic Guessing Game Ash’s Adventures, Kanto, and Legacy Editions Review

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Editor's Review

The Pokemon Trainer Guess electronic game is a fun and exciting toy for kids who are big fans of Pokemon and new to voice recognition technology. The device will ask you several yes or no questions in order to guess which Pokemon the player is thinking of, similar to a game of 20 questions.

The Kanto edition of the game is programmed to be able to guess at all 151 original “generation one” Pokemon, while the Ash’s Adventures edition can guess at 150 Pokemon that Ash and his friends have encountered along their adventures in the animated series. The Kanto edition sports the iconic red and white of a classic Poke Ball, while the Ash’s Adventures edition features a slick purple and pink Master Ball deco.

For assistance in choosing a Pokemon for your game, look no further than the included Trainer Field Guide, which has a list of all the different Pokemon and their various stats, such as type, height, weight, and any evolutions they might have.

After thinking of a Pokemon, press the button to begin the game. Answer the Poke Ball’s questions honestly until it eventually sleuths out which Pokemon you are thinking about. Upon completing a game, the Poke Ball adds that Pokemon to your virtual collection, indicating that you had a successful game with that Pokemon. Try to guess ’em all!

The Field Guide alone is a great resource for fans who love stats, and who want to challenge themselves to memorize each Pokemon’s info and become a professor in their own right! To hear your collection progress, just hold down the middle button. In total, there are 150 Pokemon to collect, so repeat play is definitely encouraged.

Pokemon Trainer Guess Electronic Guessing Game Ash’s Adventures, Kanto, and Legacy Editions

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Yes. This game is a novel concept in this form. Not only does it enable a single-player 20 questions style-game with voice recognition, it encourages repeat play and ties it back to the “catch em’ all” mantra of the franchise, filling your virtual Pokedex after every successful round of guessing. While it’s certainly engaging as-is, this toy would have benefitted from a rudimentary visual component, perhaps a screen where you can “see” the Pokemon you’ve collected thus far, instead of the implemented listing system. Nevertheless, it’s a fun diversion for players with a keen imagination.

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