Pokemon Trainer Guess Champions Edition Review

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Editor's Review

For those of you new to the phenomenon, the Pokemon Trainer Guess is an electronic game whereby the Pokeball voice attempts to guess which Pokemon you’re thinking of. There have been several iterations of the Trainer Guess, all with different types of Pokeballs. The Champions Edition brings us a new type with the Timer Ball. The paint is understated, but nonetheless cleanly applied. The batteries are included out of the box, so you can jump right into the game. Use the included Trainer Field Guide to select one of the 136 Pokemon, and then press the button on the ball to get started. The selection of Pokemon spans the entire animated series, and are references to champions, elite four members, and rivals who Ash has battled over the years. Answer the Pokeball’s questions truthfully until it guesses your Pokemon correctly! Each time it guesses correctly, it adds that Pokemon to your collection, which you can check by holding down the button. There is an option to erase your progress and start over too, if you so choose. As a Pokeball replica, it nails the job, and it’s the Pokemon Guess game you know and love. However, it’s not reinventing the wheel in any way.

Pokemon Trainer Guess Champions Edition

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Should I get it?

We recommend picking this up if you’re either a newcomer to Pokemon Trainer Guess, or a collector of each version. For folks who have another version already and aren’t completionists, this is a harder sell. But bear in mind, the Champions Edition guidebook focuses on new champion and elite four characters from the show, so no matter what, there’s at least a little new content for everyone.


  • It has 136 Pokemon with which to play guess.
  • It includes a nice Trainer Field Guide with stats and info about each Pokemon.
  • The new paintwork adds yet another ball to the collection.
  • Also, batteries are included.


  • It is much like other Trainer Guess models, with no drastically new features.

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