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Editor's Review

The Pokemon MEGA Motion Pikachu set is 1092 pieces and will take you a few hours to build. The building process is a lot of fun, and super varied. One section requires you to precisely line up gears and beams, another section will require careful assembly of very small pieces, and there are, of course, more traditional sections with larger pieces as you build the one and only Pikachu.

Speaking of, the likeness looks spot-on once the set is all built. Pikachu’s proportions are absolutely perfect. The abundance of curved pieces makes this Pikachu construction adhere to his modern, very appealing design. Pikachu’s ears have ball points, and the electricity on his cheeks are slightly poseable at certain rotation points. The base is as visually pleasant as Pikachu is! The lightning bolt relief along the side of the base gives this set a premium feel, and there is even some terrain built in, including rocks, dirt, moss, and foliage. It’s colorful, detailed, and you can tell it was intentionally designed to look great, rather than be left as an afterthought.

Naturally, we’ve saved the best feature for last. Turn the crank on the side of the base, and Pikachu will run! Not only that, but the grassy portion of the base will rotate like a conveyor belt, adding to the illusion of Pikachu running through a field. You can leave Pikachu posed in any position during his run cycle, further adding to your display options. One thing of note; on our copy, the connection point at the hind leg is a little loose, so the foot occasionally falls off, but it’s simple enough to reattach it.

Pokemon Motion Pikachu

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Not only is the build a lot of fun, but the end result is too! Pikachu looks excellent on display in a static pose, or running thanks to the moving gimmick.

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