Pokemon Electronic My Partner Charmander Review

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Editor's Review

My Partner Charmander is ready to be played with right out of the box, since batteries are included! First and foremost, the appearance of this toy is superb. The sculpt is spot on, and the paint applications are clean. Charmander’s tail is even made of translucent plastic! As a static object, Charmander makes for an excellent display figure.

But of course, this toy is meant for much more than display. Flip the switch on and get ready to play. Charmander reacts to your voice and touch in different ways. Touch the forehead sensor quickly in succession a couple times to make Charmander happy. Careful, too many times in a row and they’ll get annoyed. Press and hold three times to give Charmander pets and make them drowsy. There is also an audio sensor in Charmander’s belly, so they can react to your speech, or even music. Due to the nature of Pokemon, and only being able to say variations of their name, the audio responses sound very similar, but the varying emotion does come across clearly. Also, sometimes it’s easy to accidentally mix up queues. You can make Charmander sleepy when you actually mean to train. Ah well, it’s like having a real Pokemon with a will of their own!

Pokemon Electronic My Partner Charmander

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My Partner Charmander is an entertaining friend to play with, and a fun display piece to simply look at while not in use.

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