Plus-Plus Inspired The Great Wave, Piet Mondrian, The Kiss and More Review

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Editor's Review

Let famous artists inspire your own construction artwork with Plus-Plus Inspired. Each tube is filled with 350 Plus-Plus pieces in a color palette inspired by a famous work of art, such as The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, The Japanese Footbridge by Claude Monet, and Composition A by Piet Mondrian. The inspirational flier provides information about each artist, their style, and their life and work. But there are no instructions for building anything specific. Kids and adults can use their imaginations to build whatever they want. The reusable tube holds any pieces you’re not using and also has a nice look for display. 

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We like that building with Plus-Plus pieces is so open-ended and easy to do. All of the pieces have the same shape and easily connect for 2-D or 3-D building. These art-inspired sets will be fun for art lovers and builders young and old. They make a great addition to a Plus-Plus collection.


Each set takes color inspiration from famous art
Building with pieces is easy to do
Open-ended to inspire a lot of creativity



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