Playmobil Mini Cooper Review

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Editor's Review

Out of the box you’ll have some very minor assembly. There are no instructions, but that’s okay, it’s very self explanatory. The only issue we ran into was that our passenger-side mirror didn’t want to fit all the way in, possibly due to a slight molding error. Everything else fit nice and easy.

As is standard of Playmobil, the Mini Cooper is a delight on the eyes. Molded detail (aside from the one mirror) is perfect, and the painted stripes and mini cooper insignia are bright and clean. The headlight and tail light pieces are molded in crisp, clear, colored plastic. This, along with the real rubber tires, and the chrome silver on the grill, bumpers, and hubcaps make this feel like more than just a mere toy. The trunk door can be opened, and the hood can be removed. On our copy, the hood was ever so slightly scuffed out the box, a condition made more noticeable by the fact that it is molded in white plastic.

The Mini Cooper comes with three figurines: two delightfully 70’s civilians, and a police officer. You also get copious accessories, including a very cute Dalmatian, a leash, 2 handbags, and a newspaper, not to mention the baton for the officer, plus jewelry, and an alternate hair bun for one of the civilians. The two civilians fit nicely in the car, and can even grab the steering wheel. The backseat can house the pooch, and you can store the rest of your accessories in the trunk. Accessory storage is always a big plus!

Playmobil Mini Cooper

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The Playmobil Mini Cooper is a lot of fun for either display or play! the wealth of accessories and the included figures make posing and play options abundant.

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