Playmobil Aqua Sets Review

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Editor's Review

This is the Water Seesaw with Boat set. In this set you get two figures, octopus, a small boat, and a seesaw slide. Adventure off on the boat or attach it to the seesaw slide and have tons of fun! Use the boat as a cup and pour water onto the seesaw’s red dot, weighing down that side and sending the figure sliding down. Open and close the red flap to decide where the figure will end up.

There’s also the Water Slide with Sea Animals set! You get one figure, a few sea animals, suction cup slide, suction cup bowl, and scoop. First, attach the slide and bowl to the wall or side of the tub. The fish and figure can all zoom down the slide and into the water or bowl. use the slotted scoop to retrieve the fish and figure before going again!

Lastly, there’s the Water Wheel with Baby Shark set! Playset includes one figure, a floating shark, water wheel, and a cup for pouring. Attach the water wheel to the wall or side of the tub using the suction cup. Place the figure inside, close the fish door and pour in that water to see the wheel spin!

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All three are great for kids ages 18 months and up!


  • Helps develop cognitive skills
  • Encourages fine motor skills
  • Fun way to get kids excited for baths and
  • If you have other Playmobil sets you can add them in on the fun


All are sold separately

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