Play-Doh Starters All-in-One Creativity Starter Station Review

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Editor's Review

Jumpstart creativity with the Play-Doh Starters All-in-One Creativity Starter Station. This activity table gives kids the tools they need to express their imaginations with Play-Doh. All of the tools store inside the table, and those include six cans of Play-Doh, molds, stampers, extruders, and more. The table has a flat side where kids can place the double-sided mat. The mat’s images inspire kids to create an underwater scene or a neighborhood scene. Flip over the flat side of the table to reveal a 3-D building space with a Play-Doh waterfall maker. Compartments on either side of the table allow kids to store tools and Play-Doh as they’re working. The table even locks to keep everything stored inside when playtime is over.

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This activity table has a lot of fun pieces to inspire imaginative play. Kids can really get creative and play with Play-Doh however they want at this table. 


6 cans of Play-Doh
2 play surfaces
Tools and Play-Doh store inside the table
Inspires imaginative play



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